Beyond Virtualization

Transforming the Law Library

The concept of library modernization is more than downsizing space, cancelling print and right sizing resources. It is a paradigm shift in the way law librarians and knowledge managers assess and deliver services within their organizations.

As clients demand efficiency of services and lower costs, firms have been forced to take a closer look at how they themselves do business. Library modernization requires a multi-faceted approach. To modernize, firms must assess the best approaches to delivering information while considering cost and work product.

With these changes, so does the role of library services within firm change. They become innovators and change agents as they assist their organizations in assessing and creating information strategies to improve workflow and cut expense.

In the modern law library, librarians become interdepartmental collaborators taking on new roles in competitive intelligence, client intake and knowledge management to name a few.

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Feit Consulting is collecting additional input on how firms are currently modernizing their libraries, and what a modern law library truly looks like to the law librarian. We are interested in hearing what obstacles your firm or organization is facing when it comes to library modernization.

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Beyond Virtualization: Transforming the Law Library discusses the concept of library modernization and shares best practices for how firms can ensure their library is cutting-edge given their firm’s circumstances: user base, needs, culture, and budget.

This white paper offers specific steps, checklists and best practices to ensure your law library is cutting-edge. Determine the return on investment of the firm's legal information services. Law firm administrators and information professionals will learn the pros and cons to various library structures, and how best to assess and utilize technology for your firm's specific needs. 

Our experts will discuss challenges and opportunities as well as the various approaches to the changing role librarians can play in the context of the modern library.

Feit Consulting is offering a unique opportunity to participate in the development of this white paper. Firms that sign up before September 30, 2017, will have a hands-on approach to assessing and defining the best practices to modernize their library. Click here to get started.


Section I      Introduction & Purpose

Section II     Report Process & Methodology

Section III   Defining the modern library

Section IV    Library Structure & Return on Investment

Section V      Budget Development and the Modern Library

Section VI     Understanding Value & Communicating Value

Section VII    Innovation

Section VIII   Modernizing Components: Library Structure & Leveraging Technology

Section IX     Steps to Modernization & Best Practices  

Section X      Conclusion

Beyond Virtualization:  Transforming the Law Library

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