Sole Provider Viability Decision Guide

Detailed steps for assessing whether vendor elimination is right for your firm.

While the sole provider option is not the right decision for every firm, and largely depends on your firm’s legal practices, recovery rates, contract pricing, and usage- an evaluation of the sole provider option is necessary for law firm administrators. Whether or not a firm chooses to go sole provider, the evaluation in itself provides an opportunity for a firm to review, revise and refine its legal information strategy and potentially save significant money.

​The Sole Provider Viability Decision Guide walks legal information administers through the pre-decision process, and lays out the groundwork necessary for informed decision making regarding vendor elimination.

How do I account for lost content? 

The Sole Provider Viability Decision Guide shares an array of resources beneficial to every firm interested in evaluating this option now and again in the future; providing current market data to provide context and background about the trend, detailing steps on how to evaluate this option along with a business plan outline and sample Sole Provider Viability Business Plan Presentation. In addition, steps for conducting a Gap Analysis are included, along with list of content hurdles and viable solutions.

The Sole Provider Viability Decision Guide is essentially the initial steps detailed in The Sole Provider Playbook. The Guide is intended for firms that are unsure whether elimination is right for the firm, and are ready to evaluate the option.


Business Case Development & Outline

Process to conduct Cost Benefit Analysis

Gap Analysis

Content Hurdles & Solutions/Work-Arounds

Q&A with questions from participating firms and solutions developed by Feit's Team of Experts

Sole Provider Viability Decision Guide

Price:  $2,150*

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