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Feit Consulting is uniquely positioned to provide unbiased advising to law firm information professionals to assist them in understanding the value of their department and services to serve the firm’s evolving needs, including ways to migrate to fully digital collections in the most cost-effective manner, and how to strategically review the market for outsourced services to supplement in-house skillsets as needed.

Dec 01

An Annual Report Can Raise Your Library’s Profile

By Feit Consulting - Contemporary Library Solutions | Feit Consulting

As law firms and legal departments wrap up budget season, now is a good time to write an annual report addressing the state of library and research services operations and demonstrate how the library supports the organization’s overall business objectives. 

An annual report details everything that goes into running a successful Library and Research Services operation.  This proactive documentation provides information professionals an opportunity to educate leadership regarding:

  • Contributions the department has made to the success of the organization as a whole
  • Staff accomplishments and professional development activities
  • Departmental challenges
  • The state of the library and research services industry; e. g. highlight what is being done around AI, Data Analytics, Data Visualization.
  • Key COVID-19 response initiatives, including the acceleration to move to a predominately online environment

An annual report should be written as a narrative, rather than a report.  Its purpose is to engage the reader through good story-telling and engaging visuals. Incorporating infographics can help tell the story because they are eye-catching, visualize financial or metrics data in an a easy to digest format, and draw in audiences.  

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