Westlaw/Lexis Sentiment Survey

The purpose of the Westlaw/Lexis Sentiment Survey was to capture market sentiment and data behind the current sole provider trend. The survey data complemented Feit Consulting’s other research approaches in developing the Westlaw & Lexis: Path to Commoditization.  

This survey was conducted from March 2016 through April 2016. Midsize and large law firms were invited to participate in the online survey. 131 individuals participated from 127 firms, including 46 Am Law 200 firms.

The survey results provide rich context relating to vendor sentiment and satisfaction, interchangeability, recovery and overhead, pricing expectations, and the reasons why firms choose to have both or either vendor. These survey results are also included as an appendix in Feit Consulting’s Westlaw & Lexis: Path to Commoditization report.

Product price listed is for law firms and individual/private use only. All legal information vendors or consultants interested in purchasing this product should contact kate@feitconsulting.com.

Westlaw/Lexis Sentiment Survey​