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Jan 18

What happened in 2017?

By Michael Feit | Contract Negotiations , Feit Consulting , Librarians , Resources , Sole Provider , Vendors

Westlaw and Lexis continued to see their market share erode due to firms eliminating one or the other vendors as the Sole Provider trend continues. Lexis is now starting to become victorious where previously Westlaw has dominated the market.  What is interesting is the rate at which firms choosing Lexis to Westlaw has increased.

Lexis really stepped it up in 2017.  By purchasing new companies and developing a suite of products. Lexis holds onto firms that might have canceled by allowing access to their exclusive suite of products, making it difficult for firms to exist without Lexis.  

Westlaw maintains legacy popularity but we find them priced too high in many places and firms cannot justify the astronomical price disparities. Firms are unhappy with Westlaw’s inexplicable pricing model and as a result, more firms are eliminating Westlaw more so than ever before.

BBNA had some success in 2017.  They have been breaking into firms that have phased out Westlaw or Lexis but for the most part they are more expensive than Westlaw/Lexis and firms are not interested spending that much money on an unproven product.  

Westlaw/Lexis were very aggressive in going after firms that they had historically lost by giving firms they lost?  10-15% of firms that had previously canceled a vendor contract are “flipping” in order to get best in market vendor pricing, sometimes at 1/10th the price, and taking vendors back to these lower price points.

Jan 15

Feit Presenting at ARK Conference on “What is the Modern Law Library?” February 22nd, NYC

By Michael Feit | Feit Consulting , Librarians , Modern Law Library , Resources

Feit Consulting is presenting on “What is the Modern Library?” at the Ark Group’s 12th annual Law Firm Library, Research & Information Services conference, February 22, 2018.

Our program offers clear insights into the steps firms need to take for maximum efficiency and delivery of legal information resources and the role of the Modern Library. Feit Consulting’s Michael Feit, President & Founder and Monice Kaczorowski, Vice-President of Library Strategy and Innovation will lead the program by sharing their research on library modernization and how this is defined. We share key take-aways from our white paper, Beyond Virtualization: Transforming the Law Library.

An expert panel will discuss the “Big Picture” of Librarians as disruptors, how to change the stereotypical image of the librarian, how to run the Library as a business and the importance of interdepartmental support and technology. Panelists include:

  • Shabeer Khan, Director of Research Services with Morrison & Foerster,
  • Greg Lambert, Chief Knowledge Services Officer with Jackson Walker, and
  • Nancy Rine, Director of Research Services and Conflicts with Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson.

The role of Library Services within firms and organizations has shifted. The program will address how and why Librarians need to move beyond traditional research roles, reinventing themselves to support the business of law. Added to this is why it’s important for administrators to be open to the new roles the modern law library can play.

Join us in New York for this exciting event.  Click here for the conference details.

Jun 16

How does your Spend Per Attorney compare?

By Kate | Contract Negotiations , Pricing , White Papers

Imagine you want to buy a house, but you can’t find out how much any other house on the street sold for. Welcome to the world of Lexis and Westlaw pricing. The secretive nature makes it nearly impossible to know whether your firm has optimal pricing.

Feit Consulting’s latest white paper, Optimizing Legal Information Pricing sheds light on the market by providing our view of the market and, in particular, on the Spend Per Attorney metric.

Additionally, the report provides detailed metrics and market benchmarks on usage, discounts, excluded costs, and recovery. The report also includes guidance for achieving optimal pricing on Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg, Wolters Kluwer and other legal information products. Click here to learn more about this report.

May 02

Secret Pricing Published

By Michael Feit | Pricing , White Papers

With 15-25% of the law firm market substantially overpaying for Lexis or Westlaw, Feit Consulting seeks to empower law firms with the knowledge necessary to achieve reasonable and mutually beneficial pricing. For too long, pricing has been kept secret. No firm knows whether their contract is truly “excellent”, which the vendors often claim with each new renewal.

Until now, only Feit’s clients received this intel. In our next white paper, Optimizing Legal Information Pricing, Feit Consulting will be disseminating our benchmarks on what is reasonable pricing historically, current, and projected, with supporting data and rationale.

Why share this privy information? By publishing our unique market view, firms that are trapped in bad contracts will obtain the necessary context to take the first step towards corrected pricing. Having this market knowledge is only one element to achieving successful contract negotiations. Feit Consulting is here to advise firms at all stages of vendor contract negotiations and overall legal information strategy.

Act now! Have up to five of your firm’s legal information contracts benchmarked against our data. Sign up here.

Apr 17

Top 5 Likely Reasons Why Pricing is Secret

By Michael Feit | Pricing , White Papers

Top 5 likely reasons why pricing is not published for certain products:

1. Numerous firms are paying considerably more than average/median price.

2. Allows vendor to manipulate benchmarks to justify price increases in all situations.

3. The value and/or usage of product is diminishing.

4. The product has reached saturation near or at capacity in the market.

5. Vendor will lose substantial revenue.

Learn how to optimize pricing for your legal information in Feit Consulting’s next white paper.

Apr 16

Our “Secret Sauce” is Revealed

By Kate | Contract Negotiations , Pricing , White Papers

​In a secret pricing market, how can firms truly know whether their contract is on par with the market without external advisement? Our new white paper, Optimizing Legal Information Pricing, shares benchmarking information for firms to begin to understand how their contracts measure up.

Many may shake their heads, wondering why we would give away this information.

Having knowledge of appropriate metrics and a pricing framework only provides a foundation upon which to build in your contract negotiations. Any negotiation is a give-and-take process, with two sides of the table deciding to collaborate together in order to find a mutually beneficial middle ground. There are still many other elements that factor into the negotiation process including practice areas, size, vendor rep, product/content mix, vendor preference and many more.

We estimate that 15% of the large law firm market is substantially overpaying, a majority of which are AmLaw 100 or based out of New York City. This report serves as a point of reference for law firm administrators and legal information decision makers to initiate the process of correcting pricing for their firm. For the rest of the market, this report brings assurance to how your contracts and proposals for new products compares and takes into consideration multiple variables and parameters.

In May 2017, Feit Consulting will release our next white paper, Optimizing Legal Information Pricing, in which we share revealing benchmarks every firm will need to have in contract review and negotiations. With 16 years in this business, we’ve accumulated a knowledge base unparalleled in legal information; we call it our “secret sauce”.

In sum, Feit Consulting’s Optimizing Legal Information Pricing report reveals valuable, essential information we think every law firm should have. It gets you to a level playing field. Firms that order the report pre-release can have up to five legal information contracts evaluated against our benchmarks. For more information, click here.