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Jan 17

What is included in The Sole Provider Playbook? See The Playbook’s Table of Contents

By Michael Feit | Sole Provider , White Papers

The Sole Provider Playbook:
 Table of Contents
Section I-Introduction & Purpose
Section II -Report Process/Methodology
Section III-Sole Provider Trend
Section IV-Vendor Elimination
Section V-Evaluation of Sole Provider Viability
                        Cost/Benefit Analysis & Gap Analysis
Section VI-Developing a Work Plan
Section VII-Vendor Strategy
Section VIII-Gap Analysis
Section IX-Replacement Strategy
Section X-Gaining Associate Buy-in
Section XI-Transition & Implementation Plans
Section XII-Personal Accounts from Firms
                        What Worked/What Didn’t Work
Section XIII-Conclusion
Appendix I-Business Plan Presentation Outline
Appendix II-Sole Provider Q&A
Appendix III-Content Hurdles & Solution
Appendix IV-Example Firm Surveys
Appendix V -Sole Provider Surveys Results:
                        Sole Provider Customer Experience
                        Sole Provider Concerns