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Jun 21

Is it smart to go co-terminus?

By Michael Feit | Contract Negotiations , Pricing , White Papers

This question comes up often. Most often the answer is yes. Making contracts co-terminus can be an excellent strategic tactic for contract comparisons and creating negotiation leverage. It can also be advantageous to have multiple products expire at the same time to simply better align resources. Having several products in play during a negotiation cycle typically allows the firms to strategically approach negotiations from multiple angles. Additionally, the more a firm is purchasing at one time from a vendor, the greater that firm’s purchasing power.

To make your firm co-terminus, you may need to extend existing contracts. But before extending, it is important to understand fully what the extension entails. What is the cost/benefit of extending? Make sure it is worthwhile based on your firm’s legal information strategy and cost ramifications.

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Jun 20

Timing Is Important

By Michael Feit | Contract Negotiations , White Papers

Obviously, the timeline for negotiating is dictated by contract expirations. With 3+ year contracts, the deadlines can seem to immediately appear without realizing the time left to prepare. Allowing for adequate time to prepare for contract negotiations is necessary to achieve optimal pricing and terms for the correct content needed by the firm.

It is recommended to allow for 2+years to develop and execute a well-planned legal information resource strategy. By doing so, there is time for gaining management buy-in, diffusing potential pushback, developing work-arounds for lost resources, conducting trials of new products, and holding ongoing trainings.

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Jun 16

Don’t Be a Hostage to Your Vendor

By Kate | Sole Provider , White Papers

Many firms become a hostage to their vendor due to timing. The timeline for negotiating is dictated by contract expirations. Two or more years of dedicated planning allows for adequate time to evaluate the value of legal information resources and consider if vendor elimination or flipping to another vendor is an option. Your firm may get stuck with a vendor simply because there is not enough time to explore other options.

The idea of transitioning to sole-provider can be daunting, considering the many individuals and processes that might be impacted. There are a great number of elements to examine, from contracts to content, not to mention the strong reactions of users to fundamental system changes. Lexis and Westlaw have both successfully infiltrated law firms’ cultures and infrastructures over their many years of service.

An evaluation of the sole-provider option has become necessary for law firm administrators. Whether or not a firm chooses to go sole-provider, the evaluation in itself provides an opportunity for a firm to review, revise and refine its legal information strategy and potentially save significant money. Additionally, understanding the value of choosing either Lexis or Westlaw for your firm can be advantageous in negotiations.

The Sole Provider Playbook has been developed to be an all-encompassing guide, with tools to quickly determine the viability of the sole-provider option and how to actually execute it. If your firm first wants to only evaluate the sole-provider option, then the Sole Provider Viability Decision Guide is a great starting place. Click here to learn more about Feit Consulting’s Sole Provider Playbook.

May 02

Secret Pricing Published

By Michael Feit | Pricing , White Papers

With 15-25% of the law firm market substantially overpaying for Lexis or Westlaw, Feit Consulting seeks to empower law firms with the knowledge necessary to achieve reasonable and mutually beneficial pricing. For too long, pricing has been kept secret. No firm knows whether their contract is truly “excellent”, which the vendors often claim with each new renewal.

Until now, only Feit’s clients received this intel. In our next white paper, Optimizing Legal Information Pricing, Feit Consulting will be disseminating our benchmarks on what is reasonable pricing historically, current, and projected, with supporting data and rationale.

Why share this privy information? By publishing our unique market view, firms that are trapped in bad contracts will obtain the necessary context to take the first step towards corrected pricing. Having this market knowledge is only one element to achieving successful contract negotiations. Feit Consulting is here to advise firms at all stages of vendor contract negotiations and overall legal information strategy.

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Feb 27

What Reporting to C-Suite Means for the Librarian

By Michael Feit | Librarians , White Papers

The new way librarians report up can present challenges. In the past, librarians may have reported to a library partner or management committee. As firms streamline management and C-Suite positions evolve, librarians find themselves reporting up in ways that can present not only new challenges but real opportunities. Legal information professionals have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge skills and promote interdepartmental cooperation.

Whether one reports to the CMO, CIO, CFO or COO, it is important to understand their concerns and what keeps them up at night. Knowing the issues facing C-Suite and their strategy to make the firm successful will give you, the librarian, a better understanding of where you fit in and what talents you can bring to the table.

Moving beyond “but they don’t understand what we do” puts you in the role of innovator and change agent. Knowledge is power, and librarians should not underestimate their ability to influence.

CMO’S need to understand that librarians can fulfill the role of Competitive Intelligence professionals, identifying and supporting business development initiatives, as well as assisting with marketing efforts. CIOs can tap into librarian skills of Knowledge Management, helping IT to identify technology and systems to improve workflow. For those librarians reporting up to the CFO, showcasing business skills in contract negotiations and implementation of cost-effective research strategies will show your willingness to work toward growing the firm’s bottom line.

To modernize, firms must assess the best approaches to delivering information while considering cost and work product. Feit Consulting is offering unique opportunities to participate in the development of its Beyond Virtualization white paper. Firms who purchase early have the opportunity to be directly involved. There will also be survey opportunities.

We hope you will join us as we explore the possibilities. For more information about Beyond Virtualization, click here.