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Mar 19

Upcoming With Feit Consulting – Stay Connected

By Michael Feit | Best Practices , Events , Feit Consulting , Legal Information Trends

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Coming this summer Feit Consulting will introduce our 360 Webinar Series, a special benefit of the FEIT360 Plus subscription. As thought leaders in legal information, Feit Consulting continues to evolve to meet our client’s needs. FEIT360 Plus was designed to provide law firm administrators and legal information managers an avenue to utilize expert consultants with planned costs. Firms and organizations that subscribe to FEIT360 Plus receive special access to the Market Trends Legal Information White Papers white papers, on-call consulting, project specific solutions, and more. Learn more about the benefits of FEIT360 plus. Contact a Feit Advisor today to set up a call to learn more about the benefits of FEIT360 Plus for your firm or organization.


Jan 15

Upcoming Webinars on the Modern Law Library

By Michael Feit | Modern Law Library

The concept of the Modern Library is ambiguous. Feit Consulting has recently conducted research to further understand how Administrators and Librarians are moving towards developing their Library into a Modern Library. Our expert on Library Modernization and Library Management, Monice Kaczorowski will share insights on the Modern Library and what initial steps one can take to modernize.

Join us in one of our two upcoming 30 minute webinars on the Modern Library.

Steps to the Modern Library – Friday, January 19th

The Modern Library Defined – Tuesday, January 30th

Monice M. Kaczorowski, M.L.S. is the Vice President of Library Strategy and Innovation. Monice leads client engagements and develops resources that are focused on library modernization, library audits and the Sole Provider Viability Process. As a former Chief Knowledge Officer, she has been a proponent of law firm KM as a way to improve attorney workflow and foster efficiencies within the practice of law. Managing her own consultancy firm prior to joining Feit, Monice has a keen sense for the large picture while understanding the micro-nuances of legal information management.