The 2019 Legal Information Vendor Market Survey is now available for purchase!

Law firms need to lead strategy from the data, and this is no less true for legal information services than other core functions of a firm’s operations.

Data-driven negotiations help firms achieve their goal of purchasing the tools their attorneys truly require at the best market price.  There is no other way, and the impetus behind the 2019 Legal Information Vendor Market Survey. 

This year's survey captures data across 7 key areas from 23% of large US law firms: 

  • Most important products sold by Westlaw and Lexis
  • Penetration of Key products by firms
  • Willingness to pay for Westlaw Edge
  • Vendor satisfaction/dissatisfaction
  • Bloomberg enterprise adoption
  • Impact of Lexis and Bloomberg bundling tactics
  • Hundreds of un-edited comments from your peers nationally

The 2019 Legal Information Vendor Market Survey


*Pricing listed is for law firms.  A verifiable law firm email address must be used in your purchase.  
All other interested parties, please contact
 Feit for pricing.