The Big Reveal: 2019 Legal Information Vendor Market Survey Results

By Michael Feit | Feit Consulting

Feb 01

A big thank-you to all the law firm professionals throughout the country who participated in our semi-annual Legal Information Vendor Market Survey. The survey wrapped in December and we have been hard at work analyzing the results since.

We captured opinions from 23% of large U.S. Law Firms (with attorney counts of over 100) – providing a confidence level in the findings of over 90%.  Here are some of the survey highlights:

  • 75% Unimpressed with Edge. Three quarters of the respondents weren’t too excited by Westlaw Edge. In fact, 46% indicted that they will wait 12 months or more before they consider an Edge purchase, and 30% said they are unlikely to buy Edge, ever.
  • Edge, gratis? Of the respondents who would take Edge, a third of the respondents stated they would not take it unless it is offered for free.

This should be business-school 101, but the Survey revealed a significant correlation between price expectation and satisfaction with vendors:

BBNA: a strong link between a price hike and dissatisfaction.

  • 11% of respondents think their firm’s BBNA pricing will rise more than 25% in the next renewal cycle – more than all other major vendors
  • 65% of respondents are Extremely or Moderately Dissatisfied with BBNA. Again, that dissatisfaction rate is more than all the other vendors combined.

Lexis Surprise:  Indispensable products create leverage. 

  • Lexis has the most leverage of any vendor, with two products that respondents ranked as the most indispensable: Law360 and Intelligize.

This is just a snapshot of the survey results.  For the price of a new vendor lunch ($250) you can read the entire survey.  And remember your copy of the survey is shareable with your entire firm.  Get your copy here.

About the Author

Michael Feit earned his J.D. from the Loyola University School of Law in Chicago and was an executive at Westlaw before founding Feit Consulting 16 years ago. Feit Consulting partners with law firm administrators and legal information professionals to optimize vendor contracts and the management and delivery of legal information resources by providing leading-edge, customized solutions. Contact Michael at