The Modern Law Library Defined

Feit Consulting surveyed librarians and administrators asking what words came to mind when describing the Modern Law Library. The “word cloud” above depicts a summation of those responses. Is your current law library reflected here? Whether an administrator, librarian or attorney, are these words the same ones that come to mind when you think about your library? The Modern Law Library is not a destination but rather a moving target requiring continual change and on-going work.

As an evolving unit, the Modern Law Library expands its services and role within the firm to meet new demands and offer enhanced value. It requires individuals working in and with the library to have an open mind of how the skills of the law librarian team can be optimized. To realize a Modern Law Library requires innovating new ways the library can add value, collaborating with new departments within the firm, utilizing metrics to showcase value and articulate ROI, and leveraging technology to improve the delivery of information.

Feit Consulting’s latest white paper, Beyond Virtualization: Transforming the Law Libraryprovides all the elements an Administrator and Librarian needs to consider when modernizing their law library. A 98 page resource with best practices, checklists, and Feit’s Library Modernization Survey Results. This report was developed by our team of experts who collected input from 250+ individuals including attorneys, administrators, librarians, IT and marketing. Learn more about this extensive resource here.