About Feit 

Why Feit?

Feit Consulting is like no other legal information consulting firm. We are legal information geeks, trained attorneys and law librarians like you.  We love legal information.  We aren’t just cost-cutters.  We’re on your side to improve the value of your role, your firm, your attorneys.  Our sole focus is on providing law firms with legal information solutions that work and making the job of managers of legal information better, easier and demonstrably valuable to the firm.

Industry Leader

We are pioneers in legal information consulting. For over 17 years, Feit Consulting has been providing guidance and support to law administrators to achieve maximum results. Since its inception, Feit Consulting has worked with over 100 law firms, assisting each one in better understanding best practices in legal information. In the process, Feit Consulting’s clients have benefited from increased efficiencies and savings totaling in excess of $400 million.

Unmatched Experience

Michael Feit, Founder and President has almost 30 years of experience and deep knowledge of the legal information industry working on both the side of the client and vendors. Bringing together a strong and diverse group of experts, the Feit Team comprises industry veterans, analytical thinkers, and thought leaders.

​​​​Custom Approach

Feit understands every firm and engagement is unique, requiring a tailored approach and solution. There is no cookie cutter path. Feit Consulting’s small team works with each client with Feit leadership team continually involved. We pride our self on listening to the client’s needs and wants, responding accordingly with sound advice and expertise allowing your firm to feel more at ease to the project or negotiation at-hand.

Partnership Driven

In negotiations or in any project, no matter how small or large, Feit Consulting and the client become partners. Feit Consulting is empathetic to a firm’s culture and works hard to develop solutions that are right for your firm.

We Help You Look Good

Everyone is busy. When your firm hires Feit, our goal is to make your job easier. Feit Consulting provides the firm with the tools and guidance to make the decision-making and/or negotiations sound and with as much ease as possible.

Learn How Feit Can Help Your Firm

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