Contemporary Library Solutions

While law firms have always depended on library and information professionals to support the research needs of their lawyers, the contemporary law library is undergoing a paradigm shift. Provided here are solutions for evaluating and optimizing the shifting role of the library or information service at your firm. 

Feit Consulting works closely with your firm or organization to first identify the needs and goals of the project at-hand. Each firm and organization is unique, requiring a customized approach and solutions to enhance the law library and improve ROI of resources. Below are specific library modernization solutions Feit Consulting offers to meet your organization's needs and objectives.

Library/information Service Audit

Our team of experts conduct an evaluation of library operations and the support services the library provides for various departments and practice groups. Receive a detailed plan with clear action steps for improving your law library's services, utilization, and ROI. 

Ready to Enhance Your Law Library?