Feit Consulting will work with your firm to develop a consulting service plan that meets your needs. For Firms seeking advisory services with predictable monthly costs, read more about our FEIT360 services. If your firm has a short-term project or one time need, we will customize a strategic plan and pricing to match your needs. 

FEIT360 offers firms the availability of advising for specific projects or on a on call basis. It is a total solution offering access to all Feit services, with predictable costs. Click here to learn more about our various plans.

Does your firm have a short-term project or specific project in mind? Feit Consulting will develop a plan and pricing that fits your needs and budget. Click here to learn more.

Feit Consulting helps firms gain context and clarity by offering the following services:

Online Legal Information Contract Services, including:

      • Legal Information Contract Advising
      • Online vendor audits
      • Contract negotiations
      • Negotiations coaching
      • Market Overview

Full Vendor Elimination Services, including:

      • Cost/benefit analysis
      • Gap Analysis
      • Addressing attorney push-back
      • Obtaining firm management buy-in

Law library Services, including:

      • Modern Library Audit
      • Collection Audit
      • Virtual Library Management Assistance
      • Technical Library Support Services
      • Library virtualization and relocation