Feit Consulting’s 2021 Sole Provider Survey

    • Currently, most US Law firms have moved away from having both Westlaw and Lexis, choosing instead to continue with just one of the core research providers.
      • Many firms have also deleted one of the vendors and later brought it back – after being provided best-in-market pricing.
    • Learn more about how this important trend is developing with Feit Consulting’s 2021 Sole Provider Survey, conducted in August 2021.
    • The 2021 Sole Provider Survey survey aggregates input and verbatim comments from over 100 US Law firms.
      • The survey is available for download for $75 and can be shared with everyone in your firm.


  • The Feit Consulting 2021 Sole Provider Survey may be purchased only by law firms.
  • A verifiable law firm email address must be used in your purchase.
  • For all other interested parties, please contact Feit for pricing.