Leverage Feit Consulting’s Industry Wide Insights.  Remain in the Driver’s Seat.

Feit360 is a comprehensive service offering for the array of firms needing to optimize library services and gain substantial cost-efficiencies from providers, from small firms up to the AmLaw 100/200.  Whether your firm has an immediate project or would like an expert on-call for when needs arise, FEIT360 solutions provide law firm administrators and legal information managers an avenue to leverage industry wide expertise with predictable costs.

All Feit360 service offerings provide access to the full range of Feit services, including:  Contract Benchmarking, Vendor Negotiations, Vendor/Product Vetting, Strategic Planning, ROI Analysis, Library/Information Audit, Sole Provider Viability, Gap Analysis, Guidance for Legal Information Support Services, Metrics Development & Reporting and Technical Library Services Support.

FEIT360 offers flexibility while meeting your legal information needs. Absolutely risk free, cancellable at any time, unused time is rolled over.  Read more below about Feit360 for Small Firms, Feit360 and Feit 360 Plus.

​FEIT360 for Small Firms

FEIT360 for Small Firms provides comprehensive on demand access to Feit Legal Information Advising expertise across the full spectrum of Feit Consulting offerings. This new service provides small firms access to Feit Consulting’s legal information experts, posing any legal information question and receiving high value, quick responses.

Subscriptions to FEIT360 for Small Firms begin at $250 per month with an option to increase access time as the firm’s needs evolve. Subscribing is risk-free; cancellable at any time with any unused monthly hours rolling over to future months. As an added benefit, FEIT360 for Small Firms provides subscribers with access to Feit Consulting’s Legal Information Market Trends reports.


Access to all Feit legal information advising services, including our Legal Information Expert Panel, for one hour per month. Risk free; engagement may be cancelled at anytime.

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