Trust Feit Expertise: The Industry’s Only Unbiased Managed Services Evaluator

Should Your Firm Outsource its Library?  

Firms are navigating new territory:  should the department be downsized?  Should in-house research teams be eliminated?  What are the costs, benefits and cultural impacts of each of these options?

It is now due diligence to investigate managed service options–but how can your firm be sure it receives an unbiased evaluation of the market and its own operations and services?  These are complex questions and law firms deserve concrete answers.

We are pleased to introduce Feit Consulting’s Managed Services Evaluator to the market.  Our expertise and decades of experience in legal information consulting can help your firm successfully navigate to the right solution—and because we are unbiased, our data-driven recommendations are agnostic on whether the outcome is in-house or outsourced.

Feit provides the data.  Your firm decides what’s best.

Managed Services: Why evaluate your library? ​​

To understand their market position, firms need to know:

  • What is the genuine value of your in-house library?
  • What is the real cost of your in-house library?
  • Is outsourcing an apples-to-apples replacement?  Something less?  Something more?
  • Will my firm reduce costs, increase costs, or simply move them to a different cost center?

To guide an unbiased decision, Feit develops neutral data across these comprehensive review points:


  • Attorney/practice group research support
  • Current awareness practices
  • Nature of suit or litigant profiles
  • Cite checking/document retrieval
  • Pro bono research support
  • CLE/article/presentation preparation
  • New business intake due diligence
  • Business Development support
  • Competitive Intelligence support


  • Tools used to support practice groups, business development and competitive intelligence
  • Management and performance evaluation of tools procured by library
  • Password management
  • Collection development & strategy
  • Print vs digital
  • Routing policies
  • Process for purchasing rule books and desk copies

Administration & Process

  • Library reporting structure
  • Alignment of library initiatives with firm strategic plan
  • Administration; is there a handbook?
  • Copyright & licensing compliance
  • Quality control
  • Library presence on firm’s Intranet and website
  • Budget process
  • Performance of library


  • Processes to support and collaborate among the departments
  • Research hours available
  • Managing after-hours research
  • Salaries
  • Workflow/sharing between and amongst librarians/offices
  • Research request tracking and billing
  • Physical locations vs virtual


  • Presentations to practice groups and relevant administrative staff
  • Training

Why Choose Feit?  Unbiased Market Leaders

With nearly 30 years of experience in the legal information market, Feit Consulting is the legal industry’s most trusted legal information advisor.  We have no services to sell as a product of the evaluation and no affiliation with other vendors that would compromise the integrity of information gathering.

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