Optimizing Legal Information Pricing
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As we speak, Feit experts are compiling the key data that forms the backbone of our Optimizing Legal Information Pricing book, an invaluable resource for decision makers managing legal information resources helping them to purchase the most appropriate tools for their users at the best market price possible. 

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Optimizing Legal Information Pricing

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Optimizing Legal Information Pricing is an essential resource for legal information administrators. First, this report provides the steps for revising a firm's legal information strategy and evaluating the value of the firm's resources. Secondly, it shares metrics and benchmarks for assessing the favorability of legal information resources and contracts. And lastly, Optimizing Legal Information Pricing presents key negotiation tips for optimizing outcomes.

Do you truly know whether your contract has the best terms and pricing compared to the market? How prepared is your firm for your next contract negotiation? 

It is time to aquire the data you need.