Westlaw & Lexis: Path to Commoditization

Insights and context into vendors’ pricing strategies

There was a time when usage across firms was increased year after year and the demand and need for both vendors was at an all-time high. Firms were able to pass on costs to clients.  Westlaw and Lexis were unique, ground-breaking tools, sought after by every firm.

Gain critical insight into what firms may expect in the future on recovery rates and overhead, as well as personal thoughts from firm administrators about their satisfaction and expectations of these two vendors. Westlaw & Lexis: Path to Commoditization explains how and why the legal information market is changing. This thorough analysis provides historical and current data along with forecasts on recovery rates, the sole provider trend and what to expect from vendors in the years ahead.

White Paper Includes:

  • ​The historical progression of each vendor through their respective product life cycle with an emphasis on pricing strategies.
  • Details of  how and why usage and recovery rates have declined, and how the market is forecasted to look in the coming years.
  • A comprehensive overview of the current state of the market with data from 98% of large law firms.
  • Analysis of two surveys:  Westlaw/Lexis Preference Survey with 238 participating firms and Westlaw/Lexis Sentiment Survey with 127 participating firms.

Executive DirectorLarge Law Firm, NYC

Learning about the history of these vendors provided me with a clearer perspective of the vendors and their strategy. A valuable resource, worth reading.”

Westlaw & Lexis: Path to Commoditization​


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