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Nov 30

Is Lexis on the rise?

By Michael Feit | Legal Information Trends , Vendors

There has been a long-standing preference by attorneys and other legal information researchers for Westlaw products. And as such, Westlaw’s pricing has been significantly higher than Lexis. It had been enticing for some consumers to contract with Lexis based on pricing alone. But given how aggressively Lexis is acquiring Westlaw customers, it is clear that the reason is more than pricing and terms.

Based on a roadmap of enhancements that LEXIS provides subscribers, firms are looking to the future as they negotiate multi year contracts. Firms are choosing Lexis based on visual, analytical tools that have been highly received. Lexis has developed a clear vision for the future which includes a richer and more diverse portfolio than their past product mix.

With acquisitions like Lex Machina and Ravel, Lexis has seemingly cornered the market on analytics and data-driven decision making. Their new strategy is rebounding their solutions and products. It is evident that Lexis is paying attention to the future trends of artificial intelligence, and end users’ desire for greater functionality. The result, an improved LexisAdvance that knits these new products with a common gateway.

2017 has been a critical pivot year for Lexis. We anticipate to see Lexis continual rise in the market, both in number of contracted clients as well as in the richness of their products.


Nov 30

Troubles for Thomson?

By Michael Feit | Legal Information Trends

Despite immense popularity, firms are no longer tolerating the price disparity between Westlaw and Lexis. Lexis has turned a corner. They have been buying up a lot of exciting new products.

Lexis is offering Westlaw preferred firms an array of products, a suite at a price that is a percentage of Westlaw comparables. Westlaw’s stronghold is waning as firms learn to develop work arounds for alternative Lexis product offerings.

Before, firms did not have the wherewithal nor time to combat attorney pushack. Recovery rates continue to diminish, leaving less dollars in the firm’s pocket. We now see firms taking the time to plan ahead to consider eliminating a vendor. This adequate planning is allowing for smoother transition and substantial savings to the firm. As we see larger firms make the transition to having Lexis solely, we project the trend to increase more rapidly.

If your firm or organization is interested in assessing whether vendor elimination is the optimal path, check out our step by step guide on the Sole Provider Viability Decision Guide. For a limited time, Feit Consulting is offering a special year-end price on this report. Click here to learn more.

Nov 30

Is a 0% or 1% increase a good deal?

By Kate | Contract Negotiations , Pricing

This year more than ever, Thomson is approaching firms with 3, 4 or 5 year extensions in return for 0% or 1% increase. The messaging, “Extend now because your contract pricing is so good; you won’t be able to get these great pricing and terms when your contract is up.”

This is a red flag. If there is an offer for 0% or 1% increase, consider whether your current contract pricing and terms are fairly priced. If your firm or organization has not had a price adjustment since 2008, it is likely you are overpaying.

If indeed your pricing and terms were good in the eyes of the vendor, then it is likely they would wait and offer the standard 3% to 5% increase.

Consider having your contracts benchmarked by Feit Consulting to ensure best pricing and terms. Confidence in your pricing adds great value to the bottom line. Click here to connect with Feit about benchmarking your contracts this week.

Nov 30

Spend Those Year-End Reserves on Help for 2018

By Michael Feit | Benchmarking , Resources

If you are fortunate, you may have leftover dollars on some of your budget lines. Think about how you will spend those year-end reserves to best set yourself up for 2018. Spending remaining 2017 reserves wisely can prove to a great investment in the future.

Provided here are quick, year-end solutions that offer excellent Return on Investment for your 2018 bottom line.

  • Benchmark your Lexis and Westlaw Contracts. Feit Consulting will evaluate your contracts, analyzing the Spend Per Attorney, geographical location, practice group mix, and other metrics to provide your firm or organization with a realistic view of how well your pricing and terms are.


  • Purchase rich resources specific to an anticipated 2018 project, such as Feit Consulting white-papers.  One of many white papers Feit offers on various legal information management needs is the Sole Provider Viability Decision Guide. This report provides clear steps to analyzing your strategy and evaluating whether vendor elimination is a good option for your firm or organization.


  • Schedule a Market Overview Presentation. Gain an understanding of current market trends including pricing stats, strategies and anticipated outcomes for your upcoming contract negotiations – presented in a 1 hour presentation by Feit Consulting Experts.

Contact Feit Consulting today to learn how we can address your legal information year-end needs, and 2018 goals. Click here to get started.

Nov 21

Year-End Special Contract Renewal….Too Good to Be True?

By Kate | Contract Negotiations , Pricing

At this time of year, many firms and organizations are receiving special tidings (or offerings) from their legal information vendors. Perhaps it is a flat annual increase renewal. That may sound enticing but if you consider that your current contract may not have the best pricing and terms, does it make sense to renew it?

Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg, WK–virtually all your legal information vendors–provide bonuses and incentives to salespeople who can add incremental sales at the end of the year.

Vendors may offer year-end gifts that on the surface seem quite generous. The resulting variety of offers can be staggering but they can also be tricks. Your firm may be offered price breaks on new contracts, extensions on current deals, trial periods of new products, and the list goes on and on. There may be something hidden in these special tidings. If a vendor has proposed to extend your contract at the same price or slightly lower price, it is very possible your firm is already paying too much.

Be proactive this December! Get the gift you truly want. If you have a wish list, tell your vendor now; you just might get a deal you actually want. Confirm whether your legal information vendor’s latest offer truly is a good tiding; contact Feit Consulting to review and benchmark your pricing and terms.

Nov 20

The Modern Library: A Business Within a Business

By Michael Feit | Budgeting , Modern Law Library

Supporting the business of law has become an important concept for the Modern Library. Through interdepartmental cooperation, librarians have moved beyond the realm of attorney supported research into new roles supporting business development, risk management, data analytics to name a few. While all of these are essential firm functions, the Modern Library shouldn’t lose sight that supporting the business of law also applies to running the library as a business.

As a business unit within the firm, the Modern Library should be cognizant of the firm’s strategic plan. As annual budgets are prepared, the expense of resources and initiatives should be evaluated to make sure they are in support of where the firm is going in the future.  As those annual contract renewals come up, don’t maintain the status quo. It isn’t enough to look at the renewal, approve the % increase and sign on the dotted line for another 1 to 3 years.  Vendor content is constantly evolving as are the needs of the organization. Is your firm moving into an emerging area of law? If so then make sure the contracts you are renewing include resources and licenses that can support those needs. Have you been called upon to perform due diligence on potential laterals, a practice group or a merger candidate? Be proactive, use that information to question Finance on the impact for resource support. Has the firm promised new laterals joining the firm office copies or subscriptions that could make your budget plans obsolete?

Operating your law library like a  Modern Library requires looking beyond the dollars associated with anticipated expenses. One must consider the timing of events that impact the budget. Timing affects cash flow as expenses are incurred. Timing is everything; so make sure you know the timeline of events that you are budgeting to support.

Being in the know; collecting data on upcoming strategy, and preparing a budget to meet identified needs is the mark of a fiscally responsible business owner. You can’t budget for what you don’t know. The Modern Library needs to understand what is coming and be ready to support those plans. Make the Library’s success your business.