Findings from the LexisNexis Practical Guidance / Thomson Reuters Practical Law Focus Group Inquiry

By Feit Consulting | Feit Consulting

Sep 16

A Feit Consulting Consumer Insights Report

August 2021

After years of development and several iterations, is Lexis’ Practical Guidance ready for prime-time? This is the question that Feit Consulting recently explored in a series of focus group discussions comparing LexisNexis Practical Guidance with Thomson Reuters Practical Law.

For the focus group participants, the answer was … yes! Recently re-branded from Lexis Practice Advisor, Practical Guidance is winning attorney and librarian converts from Practical Law. Focus group participants found the organization and functionality on Practical Guidance to be better than Practical Law on many levels and the content quality on Practical Guidance to be sufficiently comparable to Practical Law. This is sweet news for the many firms choosing between Westlaw and Lexis, especially given Lexis’ attractive pricing.

Feit conducted four focus group sessions with a total of twelve focus group participants. The group was comprised of three attorneys and nine librarians/researchers, all experienced with both services. Demographically our group came from small firms (3), medium firms (5), large firms (3) and academic institutions (1). They were asked to complete a series of research exercises and then participate in discussion groups moderated by Feit Consulting. The group provided an excellent representation of the market delivering solid feedback from a variety of perspectives in a vendor-neutral setting.  

Download the full findings from the focus group inquiry here:

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