First Step in Assessing the Viability of the Sole-Provider Option

By Michael Feit | Sole Provider

Jan 16
Assessing the sole provider option has become a critical and necessary step in developing or refining a firm’s legal information strategy. The sole provider is not for every firm.
The Sole Provider Playbook provides detailed steps for law firm administrators to develop a business plan and presentation for management.
The first step (one section of the Playbook) details specific components of the sole provider viability business plan development:
A) Overview of the market
B) Financial review
C) Preliminary Gap Analysis: Content & Non-Content Hurdles
D) Workarounds & Replacement Costs
E) Recommendation
Checklists, formulas and a sample presentation are included, as well as solutions to hurdles. The Playbook is a resource tool kit that can be used now and again in future strategy planning and assessments.
To learn more about The Sole Provider Playbook, click here.

About the Author

Michael Feit earned his J.D. from the Loyola University School of Law in Chicago and was an executive at Westlaw before founding Feit Consulting 16 years ago. Feit Consulting partners with law firm administrators and legal information professionals to optimize vendor contracts and the management and delivery of legal information resources by providing leading-edge, customized solutions. Contact Michael at