On-Demand Consulting

By Jenny Potocnik | Feit Consulting

Dec 05

Feit Consulting introduced a new program this past year, FEIT360. In this program, firms/organizations choose a base number of hours per month for consulting use – minimally 1 hour per month. This hour may be used for legal information management questions, benchmarking contracts and a variety of projects.

Unused hours are rolled over to future months. Firms/organizations may request additional consulting hours for larger projects as they arise. Approximate number of hours needed to complete a project are provided ahead of time to ensure no big surprise on your bill. Fees have a monthly cap to limit the cost exposure to the firm/organization, allowing for ease in budgeting and expense outlay.

FEIT360 is a subscription plan, cancellable at anytime. Have your legal information questions answered when needed. Perhaps a question about an invoice or determining whether to make your contract co-terminus, FEIT360 offers flexibility while meeting your legal information needs.

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About the Author

Jenny Potocnik is the Vice President of Strategy and Research. She collaborates with the leadership team and account managers on strategy development for client projects and spearheads research initiatives including surveys and white papers. With a background in international development and research, Jenny brings a fresh perspective to Feit Consulting’s strategy development and execution.