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Jan 30

Monice Kaczorowski Joins Feit Consulting as VP Library Strategy and Innovation

By Michael Feit | Feit Consulting

Feit Consulting is pleased to announce Monice M. Kaczorowski is joining our team as the new Vice President of Library Strategy and Innovation. Throughout her extensive career as a law librarian, Monice has built a strong foundation as a thought leader, building, renovating, and restructuring firm libraries across the country. She is a long-time advocate of law libraries and their essential and evolving role in the law firm setting.

Monice is a published professional and well-known speaker, often highlighting the role library services play in supporting the business of law. As a Competitive Intelligence professional, Monice has developed CI strategies that allow law firms to grow their bottom line and identify new business opportunities. As a former Chief Knowledge Officer, Monice has been a proponent of law firm KM as a way to improve attorney workflow and foster efficiencies within the practice of law. As an early adopter of the sole-provider concept, Monice believes evaluating the sole-provider option provides law firms the valuable opportunity to evaluate their current legal information resource strategies and assess their current costs associated with those services.

As the Vice President of Library Strategy and Innovation, Monice will lead Feit Consulting client engagements that are focused on implementing library modernization, working directly with clients in conducting library audits and leading the Sole Provider Viability Process. In addition, she will spearhead the development of Feit Consulting’s future white paper on library modernization and will oversee Feit Consulting’s expert panel. As part of the leadership team, Monice will provide strategic input toward growing Feit Consulting's position as a leader in the management of legal information.

Monice holds a Master's degree in Library Science from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University (Rosary College). Her professional affiliations include memberships in the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). She is a past member of the WEST Advisory Board (2002-2004, 2008-2010). In addition, Monice was the AALL Liaison to the Association of Legal Administrators 2010-2013. She served as the co-chair for AALL Publishing Initiatives Caucus (PIC) (2010-2014), as well as serving as a member of the LexisNexis Librarian Advisory Board (2011-2015).

The addition of Monice Kaczorowski as the Vice President of Library Strategy and Innovation strengthens Feit Consulting’s mission to provide more than cost solutions--to empower leadership in legal information management.