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Jun 19

Value does not automatically increase 3-5% annually “just because”!

By Michael Feit | Contract Negotiations , Pricing , White Papers

Value does not automatically increase 3-5% annually for every product “just because”! To pay increases annually, it would be expected that the firm is receiving more value, content or features than the year before. Complacency or lack of diligence in managing information resources can have long-lasting unfavorable implications on both processes and costs, thereby hampering overall efficiency.

Feit Consulting’s Optimizing Legal Information Pricing shares steps for evaluating the value of your firm’s legal information resources, and arms decision makers with the necessary knowledge and leverage for negotiations. Feit Consulting’s benchmarks provide context for assessing the favorability of your contracts compared to the market.

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Apr 20

LexisNexis: Leveraging Assets Too Soon?

By Michael Feit | Pricing , Vendors

As legal information experts, we closely monitor changes to pricing policies of the major players in the field. Recently, Lexis has stated that they will not allow AmLaw 200 Firms to purchase any of their other products if the firm does not retain their core Lexis contract.

While Lexis has made key exciting and smart acquisitions in the last few years, the value of all their products combined still is not enough to hold firms hostage to Lexis. With new assets such as Intelligize, Lex Machina, MLex, and Law360, Lexis is approaching a critical turning point, whereby they might soon be able leverage the total value of all products to force a firm to keep Lexis. In sum, by withholding these resources from firms now who do not hold a core Lexis contract, Lexis is foregoing critical buy-in for the long run.