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Mar 05

What is the Lexis strategy of blocking Amlaw from buying other products?

By Michael Feit | Feit Consulting , Vendors

In 2017, Lexis decided existing clients can no longer have access to Law 360 or any other products if they cancel core Lexis. This strategy seems to be working in about 20% of firms that might have otherwise canceled Lexis. For the most part, these products are too new and not that important yet to most firms for this new strategy to have a major impact.

We recommend that Lexis take advantage of Westlaw’s arrogant pricing and try to partner with firms to show the value in their suite of products.  It does not make sense to cut off revenue streams given firms’ willingness to walk away from Lexis.  In most instances, not allowing customers access to your jewel products is going to be more costly than the value of trying to retain products.