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Dec 07

Are you in the 81%?

By Michael Feit | Surveys , Vendors

Pre-WestlawNext, law school preference was roughly

55% Westlaw/45% Lexis.

Feit Consulting conducted a random survey of 238 associates.

This year, 81% of surveyed associates who indicated a preference prefer Westlaw, compared to 19% for Lexis.

Sep 09

Reasons for Retaining Westlaw/Lexis

By Michael Feit | Vendors , White Papers

Excerpt from Westlaw & Lexis: Path to Commoditization:

Feit Consulting’s Westlaw/Lexis Sentiment Survey clearly depicts the reasons firms retained Westlaw and Lexis, and these reasons could not be more different from one another. Popularity and functionality are the main reasons Westlaw is retained. Conversely, these are the lowest-ranked reasons firms retained Lexis. Nearly 50% of survey respondents stated that their reason for retaining Lexis is lower pricing.

To learn more about what the Westlaw & Lexis: Path to Commoditization white paper has to offer, click here.