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Mar 08

Pricing Mysteries Unlocked! What’s Inside our Optimizing Legal Information Pricing Book

By Michael Feit | Feit Consulting

In the world of legal information, pricing is a secret.  Secrecy is always an advantage to the seller, and a disadvantage to the buyer.  2019 Optimizing Legal Information Pricing is a guidebook we created for consumers to learn how their prices compare, and ultimately improve their negotiation outcomes.

What’s inside the 2019 edition?  Just take a look at the range of insights that offer firms of any size incredible value: 

Mar 06

Feit Consulting Releases 2019 Optimizing Legal Information Pricing Book

By Michael Feit | Feit Consulting

We are delighted to announce the market availability of the 2019 Optimizing Legal Information Pricing book. This is an invaluable resource for legal information professionals to improve procurement, optimize content and save on costs.

Optimizing Legal Information Pricing integrates vital market-wide information providing market context, with detailed pricing and forecasts for all major products to help law firms purchase the right product – at the right price.

Tremendous pricing disparity exists among the leading vendors—LexisNexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg and Wolters Kluwer—and bundling tactics have added new layers of complexity to purchasing and, in fact, disadvantage buyers. Books like 2019 Optimizing Legal Information Pricing are one of the few ways consumers can obtain context and improve their negotiating position. Price differentials between firms for some contracts can vary widely, as much as 300%. The potential ROI of informed negotiations to law firms with their legal information vendors is substantial.

The 2019 Optimizing Legal Information Pricing book offers pricing guidance on all 4 major vendors–Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg, and Wolters Kluwer–as well as ancillary products including: Law360, Practical Law, WSJ/NYTimes, Courtlink, Intelligize, Alert Management Center, Drafting Assistant, LegalEdCenter, Monitor Suite, Newsdesk, Securities Mosaic, Lex Machina, West KM, Lexis Practice Advisor, Patent Optimizer, Lexis Search Advantage (LSA), Contract Express and more.

This year’s edition shows market pricing movement that can influence short- and long-term decision making at all firms. Despite their positive consumer sentiment, this book presents Feit’s guidance which shows that Westlaw, will likely be the only product to see a decrease in pricing over the next 5 years.