Participate in the 2019 Legal Information Vendor Market Survey

By Michael Feit | Feit Consulting

Nov 09

Feit Consulting is excited to announce the 2019 Legal Information Vendor Market Survey is now open for participation.

For 2019, the Legal Information Vendor Market Survey has been expanded to capture more of your thoughts on all legal information providers and emerging trends.  The survey will drill down to better understand motivators related to; vendor choice, sole provider, price expectations and more for all major legal information vendors.

In 2018, LexisNexis and Bloomberg BNA forced customers to upgrade to core products in order to retain access to much-needed ancillary content that was previously available a la carte.  This bundling tactic added to an already existing price frustration that law firm administrators were experiencing with their legal information vendors, further complicating purchasing strategies.

The Feit Consulting 2019 Legal Information Vendor Market Survey will help the market better understand true current trends, including:

  1. Status of the sole provider trend.
  2. Impact of Lexis’ new purchasing restrictions
  3. Depth of Bloomberg’s firm-wide penetration in law firms
  4. Other products are firms considering or adopting
  5. Current recovery rates and the movement to overhead
  6. Market response to Westlaw Edge
  7. Overall sentiment of legal information product users.

About the Survey

To help law firms understand their platform purchasing options more fully, Feit Consulting created the Market Trends Legal Information Series in 2015.  The series provides objective guidance to large and medium law firm administrators on best practices relating to the management of legal information resources as well as provides critical insight, analysis and guidance not available elsewhere that helps firms make informed decisions regarding legal information options.

The 2019 Legal Information Vendor Market Survey will inform updates of Feit Consulting’s upcoming Market Trends Legal Information Series white papers.  Survey participants receive a complimentary copy of the Survey results, expected to be released in January 2019.

President of Feit Consulting, Michael Feit, remarks, “Law firms need to know and understand this data to leverage and maneuver in this quickly evolving market. Our Market Trends Legal Information Series white papers allow firms to make informed decisions regarding information vendor service providers. Data-driven negotiations help firms achieve their goal of purchasing the tools their attorneys truly require at the best market price. We look forward to delivering this valuable market intelligence in Q1 of 2019.”

About the Author

Michael Feit earned his J.D. from the Loyola University School of Law in Chicago and was an executive at Westlaw before founding Feit Consulting 16 years ago. Feit Consulting partners with law firm administrators and legal information professionals to optimize vendor contracts and the management and delivery of legal information resources by providing leading-edge, customized solutions. Contact Michael at