Feit’s 2020 Legal Information Vendor Market Survey: Some Surprising Early Results

By Alex West l  Feit Consulting

Market volatility and economic uncertainty is affecting law firms and decision-making across departments.  That is why we are so excited to have recently launched our annual Legal Information Vendor Market Survey, to better understand how this fast-changing market might be affecting purchasing for legal information products.

We are very pleased to have received responses from over 70 law firms to the Survey so far—but what is really getting our attention are some early signs of dramatic shifts in the market – in just the past 18 months since our last Survey.

 Take a look below at the changes in Vendor Satisfaction – since our last survey in 2019:

It was also interesting to see how the market is allocating legal information budget by vendor: 

On top of this, we have asked our respondents to look into their crystal balls to forecast how their budget allocation might change in 3 years – but to learn the answer to that question – and many more – you must take the survey!

Just as in 2019, participants who complete the survey receive a full copy of the final results – plus this year we’ve added the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Feit is giving away a gift card to 1 of every 10 participants – so your chance of winning is very high. With roughly 70 responses so far, we will be giving away at least $700.

 We hope you’ll be a part of this year’s survey. Participation is open now!

About the Author 

Alex West, M.B.A., Senior Vice PresidentAs Senior Vice President, Alex guides client interaction and strategic direction for the Advising group at Feit Consulting. With an extensive corporate background in management and marketing at Fortune 500 companies such as Sara Lee, Hasbro and P&G, Alex oversees all Feit client engagements. With Feit Consulting’s analytics and deep knowledge base in the legal information market, Alex optimizes customer experiences with strategies tailored to each Firm’s individual needs.

About the Author

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