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Feit Consulting is your firm’s trusted legal information advisor, partnering with you and your team to implement customized solutions to achieve the best results. As pioneers in this field, we have been challenging the existing paradigms for the benefit of our clients since 2001.

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Legal information services have evolved. With nearly 30 years of experience in the legal information market, Feit Consulting is the industry's most trusted legal information consultancy. Our experts provide customized tools and guidance to empower our clients to make smart legal information decisions. 

What makes Feit stand out is our focus on you. Our experts help firms look at the full picture - not just at the costs - to procure the right tools at the right price to support each firm's unique practice to enhance profitability. 

We help firms assess, negotiate and implement information solutions that serve their unique culture. 

We keep our focus on your firm to deliver value and ensure your firm's attorney can pass that value on to clients and win more business. 

That's smart.

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FEIT360 is a total solution offering firms access to all Feit service areas within a predictable monthly expense.
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These invaluable industry resources & tools address a wide array of critical issues and provide actionable pathways for law firm administrators and legal information professional to impact information services.


Check out our latest perspectives on legal information trends, shared by our team of Feit experts. 


Feit understands each firm is unique and approach each engagement in a unique manner focusing on listening and working collaboratively. 


Developing leading edge solutions that go beyond cost-savings, customized to fit your firm's needs. 


Leader in the field with vast experience in developing efficiencies and best practices in the delivery of legal information. 

Market Leader in Information Services Consulting

A law firm’s legal information needs are always in flux, and vendor pricing is not published or consistent from firm to firm. New entrants to the market splinter choices and aggressive price increases by providers complicate the decision-making process.

Feit Consulting offers firms invaluable industry-wide insights. Our depth of experience across platforms, service needs and procurement strategies is unparalleled - and vital to ensuring the right services are procured at the right price. Feit’s consulting services have long been leveraged by AmLaw 100/200 firms to optimize library services and gain substantial cost-efficiencies from providers. We work directly with firms to develop a consulting service plan that meets your needs.

FEIT360 offers firms the availability of advising for specific projects or on a on demand basis. It is a total solution offering access to all Feit services, with predictable costs.

Does your firm have a short-term project or specific project in mind? Feit Consulting will develop a plan and pricing that fits your needs and budget.

 Feit Consulting helps firms gain context and clarity by offering the following services: 

  • Online Legal Information Contract Services 
  • Benchmarking and Price Guidance
  • Legal Information Contract Advising 
  • Online vendor audits 
  • Contract negotiations 
  • Negotiation coaching
  • Market Overview 

Full Vendor Elimination or Switching Services, including:

  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Addressing attorney push-back
  • Obtaining firm management buy-in
  • Vendor Transition Services 
  • Law Library Services, including: 
    • Modern Library Audit
    • Collection Audit
    • Virtual Library Management Assistance
    • Technical Library Support Services 
    • Library virtualization 

About Feit


Feit Consulting is like no other legal information consulting firm. We are legal information geeks, trained attorneys and law librarians like you. We love legal information. We aren’t just cost-cutters. We’re on your side to improve the value of your role, your firm, your attorneys. Our sole focus is on providing law firms with legal information solutions that work and making the job of managers of legal information better, easier and demonstrably valuable to the firm.

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